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Alberta Rocks!

Painting Daisiesf

Painting Daisies

In case you haven't noticed, Alberta rocks, and it rocks hard. That's why the NAC's Alberta Scene festival is holding an Alberta Rocks contest, celebrating all the rock that's heading our way from Alberta on April 28. Enter, win, rock.

Congratulations to our winners!

Grand prize: Mark Samborsky
Second prize: Gabriel Thibault
Third prize: Annette Wittiger

And remember folks, Alberta Rocks!


First prize

  • tickets to see SNFU, Chixdiggit, Belvedere on Fri. April 29
  • a pair of Painting Daisies ladies undies
  • Hot Little Rocket CD
  • Alberta Scene t-shirt

Second prize:

  • tickets to see War Party, Politic Live, Dragon Fli Empire, Team Rezofficial on Fri, May 6
  • Painting Daisies CD
  • Alberta Scene poster

Third prize:

  • tickets to see Painting Daisies on Fri, April 29
  • Dragon Fli Empire CD
  • Painting Daisies hockey puck

The winners will be randomly chosen from all correct answers on April 28 and winners will be contacted by email.

Dude. One entry per person.



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