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Price: $38, $35 adults, $20 Youth (aged 17 and under)

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Shumka's Cinderella

Centrepointe Theatre

Sunday, May 8, 2005 at 7:00PM Add to My Schedule

Photo: Ellis Bros Photography

Edmonton-based Ukranian dance sensations Shumka are back in Ottawa to thrill and delight with their highly acclaimed production of Cinderella. If you’ve seen Shumka before, you’ll definitely want to catch them again with the production that the Globe and Mail describes as, “Everyone of the dancers is a virtuoso. [Shumka's] $2 million remake of the fairy-tale classic is a megadance spectacle that promises to do for Ukrainian folk dance what Riverdance did for Irish stepping: catapult it into the big time…" To accommodate Shumka's Cinderella, the dancers perform a total of 50 character roles and make more than 384 costume changes during a single show. If you’ve never witnessed the Shumka dancers then now’s your chance to experience their dash, athleticism and vigour. With an original symphonic score by Yuri Shevchenko and sumptuous sets and costumes by Maria Levitska, Shumka’s Cinderella is a true feast for the senses. In 45 years, the name Shumka has become synonymous with Ukrainian dance. Cinderella marries traditional Ukrainian dance with classical and contemporary movement in a theatrical style which is recognized as being uniquely Shumka.

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